Trying my hand at short stories was the single best decision I made when I started writing fiction. A couple of years back I started a novel – like just about everyone else does when they decide to take up writing – but the project quickly stalled when I realised the near-future world I was   Read More …

Categories: Fiction

While cinema gets bigger every year: bigger budgets, bigger battles, bigger explosions, and a bigger box-office, the ideas and ambition of the medium steadily get smaller. The idea that cinema can be a transformative experience, the notion that movies can challenge or test the audience, the belief that movies can help us to dream, has   Read More …

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The apocalypse is easy. The zombie plague, the uncontrollable pandemic, the meteorite hitting earth – these are the easy catastrophes. They are dramatic, tragic, and most importantly, no-one is responsible. The catastrophic event is merely a plot point, an a priori, which drives the action of the fiction. In the arbitrary apocalypse none is to   Read More …

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