The perpetual outrage machine of twitter has been running hard against American Sniper. Now, while outrage on twitter is its default position, and therefore unsurprising, I found it curious that that a filmmaker as sophisticated as Clint Eastwood was copping it. For a conservative, Eastwood has always taken remarkably nuanced and thoughtful positions in his   Read More …

Categories: Reviews

Well, not that new, I guess. One of the stories – The Line – was the second I’d ever written. But I reworked and rewrote the damn thing over a year as I felt the central idea was worth pursuing – a northern Australia dictatorship based on the fevered imaginings of Australian mining magnate, Gina   Read More …

Categories: Fiction

2014 was my second full year of writing fiction. It was good to me. In fact, it exceeded expectations. My goals were as follows: 1)      60 short story submissions, 2)      with two sales, one of those being a professional sale (six cents a word or more), and 3)      I also wanted to finish the novel   Read More …

Categories: Fiction


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