My mind was not simply blown as I watched Mad Max: Fury Road. It was George Miller blown: multiple explosions, in an apocalyptic sandstorm, with lightning, then more explosions. To say Miller has made a hyperkinetic masterpiece is to understate the achievements of this film. It is not simply a gonzo revelation of the genre,   Read More …

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The moment you’ve been waiting for: the top four greatest actors (for geeks) of all time. My unimpeachable, scientifically accurate criteria for this decision (and rankings 5 – 11) are here in Part 1 of the article. 4: Sigourney Weaver Well, here she is: Ripley, the toughest hombre to ever strap themselves into a power   Read More …

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Let me pose the scenario: you’re a geek (shut up, you are). You’re marooned on Mars (shut up, just go with this). You’ve got enough food and water to last until the resupply mission arrives in three years. You may pick the cinematic corpus of only one actor to entertain you until the rescue mission   Read More …

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