This isn’t a review of the entire film. There are plenty of those around, written by better critics than I. All I’ll say is this: I enjoyed Rogue One. It was a flawed, but welcome addition to the franchise. Somewhat better than the Force Awakens, far less so than Jedi. However, it had problems.   Read More …

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Read about 45 this year, plus shitloads of academic articles, and watched an abundance of film and television. I’ll stick to books here, other than to say that, for mine, The Expanse was the best TV of 2016. In no particular order: The Fat Years – Chan Koonchung Written in 2009, set in 2013, relevant   Read More …

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I cannot stop watching this. I just can’t stop. And the 80s, apparently, was the primo decade for movies. In twelve moves you can go from Empire Strikes Back, to Aliens, to Predator, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max 2, Blade Runner, The Running Man, RoboCop, The Thing, Terminator, to Escape from New York. Watch   Read More …

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